What kills parties?

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Cover image for The Goblin Bath Water Incident for D&D 5E

Adventure Review: The Goblin Bathwater Incident


One-Shot Adventure Review: The End of the Line

Spell Book-5e

Comparing cantrips: Toll the Dead, Eldritch Blast, Sacred Flame & Firebolt

Kickstarter: Legends of Novus Adventures: Kzmatic’s Keep

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Take a Chance With The Deck of Many Things

Excerpt of Wizard Scrolls for D&D 5th Edition

Want to add some SERIOUS flavor to your Wizard spells?

Why intimidation is based on Charisma and not Strength

San Jenaro Game Digest, Volume 2

A Quick Shout Out to San Jenaro Co-Op Games


TPK, or just Fading Away – What Really Kills Parties?

Terrasa Charact Sheet-Terrasque Monk_Page_1

The Tarrasque Monk, it’s totally a thing