Want to add some SERIOUS flavor to your Wizard spells?

Shane Smith has made something interesting and made it available on DMsGuild.

If you want to give your Wizards the experience of really learning a magical system within the confines of D&D play, check out this pack of Wizardly Goodies.

excerpt from wizard spell lessonsMy favorite item is Wizard Spell Lessons, a workbook from The Academy of the Arcane. This tome of lessons for the mage-in-training provides a very nicely assembled metaphysical framework for magic, symbology and spells script.

You know how your wizard finds spell scrolls and wants to transcribe them into their spell book? Give them this tome and make them actually transcribe the spells in their free time. Mind you, this is for the wizard that is really into the game, the kind of player that loves the idea of D&D homework outside the game. Because seriously, this stuff is intense. And you know what? It should be. Magic should be mysterious, fascinating and difficult. If it was easy, everyone with an Intelligence over 7 would be a mage. The image to the left? That’s an excerpt from Wizard Spell Lessons.Excerpt of Wizard Scrolls for D&D 5th Edition

Want to give some flavor and still avoid scaring your spell caster from the table? Maybe it’s best just to go with the Wizard Spell Scrolls. These are fully functional yet fascinating and esoteric magic scrolls. Print these up on some nice paper and roll them up and your mage will get a dopamine rush like no other. There’s guidelines for the easy version that has the spell name across the top of the scroll and the more interesting and challenging version where the mage actually has to learn the script to figure out what spell it is.

The other two lovely bits are also very fun and handy- affiliate_id=762475

Reference Card Templates: Archival and Recipe Cards

Textura Reticulata Fonts

Again, these are fun and a bit intense. As Shane the Studious says:

Note: this document is not intended for the casual consumer of gaming products.  If you don’t like funky fonts, fantasy chemistry, or the ramblings of madmen, this is probably not your niche.  But if you do? Buckle up.

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