Kickstarter: Legends of Novus Adventures: Kzmatic’s Keep

I often get notified of Kickstarters so I figured I might as well add a category for them and give my little nudge of support.

Legends of Novus Adventures: Kzmatic’s Keep

From the description: A one shot 5E adventure for 4-5 players (Lvl 4-5), taking place in a new campaign world being developed.

Just checking out the Kickstarter page make me think this one is pretty interesting. For the $5 level you can get the basic package that includes the following:

  • PDF of the Kzmatic’s Keep Adventure (40 Pages, with Illustration)
  • PDF of Maps (The Keep, The Chambers, The Maze)
  • PDF of Poker Card sized Magical Item handouts

To be honest, just getting the magic items cards might be worth $5. They look nicely designed, fun and handy to throw in any game.

Also, the art looks great. Here’s a sample:

Art sample for Legends of Novus Kickstarter

I would definitely say it’s worth checking out. Go take a look and let everyone know what what you think.

Also, let us know if you have a kickstarter and I’ll do a quickie review like this if I can.


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