A Quick Shout Out to San Jenaro Co-Op Games

I’m loving the releases from indie games co-op San Jenaro right now. This is a cooperatively owned and run organisation working together to promote and produce RPG content, with each member sharing in the profits.

Here’s more info from their Discord channel:

San Jenaro Co-Op is a collection of artists, writers and creators banding together to make games on our own terms. We make awesome games, democratically and we share the profits evenly amongst everyone who worked on it. What have you all done? Currently we’re working on the Roleplayer’s Guide to Heists and the Short Games Digest.

How do I Join??? Head over to #resources and sign the contract for the co-op, then email it to [email protected]. That’s it. Welcome aboard. No exclusivity or anything, work with us when/if you like.

I was first alerted to the whole concept through one of the artists, Dyer Rose (Basilisk Online) and I got to watch some of the art being drawn in real time as he worked right next to me in a co-working space in Santa Cruz, Ca. I was really enjoying the image he was working on and, once he explained the project, I was totally sold.

Email San Jenaro | San Jenaro on Twitter: @sanjenarocoop

Check out some of the titles on DriveThruRPG:

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