Where do you think your character is keeping all that stuff?

RPG inventory funny dnd picture

At some point, every DM has to stop and ask where all that stuff is being kept. Fighters are probably the biggest offenders. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep a whole armory of weapons on them?

“That dead Orc had a glaive! I want it!!!”

“Um, you already have a long sword, warhammer, pick, pike, pernach, and maul, plus a crossbow, spear, 7 daggers, and 10 shuriken, not to mention arrows, bolts, food, water, wine, ale, 50′ feet of rope, a ten foot pole, 3 different cloaks, smithing supplies and a fricking pteranodon egg!”

“So? I have a strength of 18. C’mon, man…”

Also, I should mention, that scene is Labyrinth really freaked me out the first time I saw it.


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