What kills parties?

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All of the Monster Manual monsters as D&D playable races

Monstrous Races: want to play a Tarrasque Monk, or Unicorn Paladin?

RPG inventory funny dnd picture

Where do you think your character is keeping all that stuff?

Can Necromancers be good?

In Soviet Russia, rainbow taste you.

Comrade Tiamat: In Soviet Russia, rainbow taste you.

Grey Man, from Irish Myth, related to Green Hags, for D&D 5E

Gray Man, Inspired by Myth, for D&D 5E


More Resources for DMs and GMs : Map-Making

Roll20 All Over the Mediasphere, Have You Used It?

D&D Time versus Game Time versus Real Time…

Middle Earth Players Guide

Middle Earth Adventures in D&D: Players Guide

Monster Maker Output

Resources for DMs and Homebrew 5th Edition D&D