Middle Earth Adventures in D&D: Players Guide

Middle Earth Players GuideCubicle 7 has announced a new range of setting supplements for Middle-earth gaming using the OGL.

I don’t know if this will settle the perennial Internet arguments of what the stats look like for Aragorn, Gandolf or Legolas, but it will be a great read either way.

For those familiar with The One Ring from Cubicle 7, this might all seem very familiar. There is some speculation that these supplements will be a port of The One Ring game in the 5th Edition D&D OGL. The One Ring has had great reviews so I’m very interested to see these books.

I haven’t actually played The One Ring.  Any opinions or insights are definitely welcome.


The following is directly from the Cubicle 7 Press release:

Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide offers new races, classes, backgrounds and virtues, allowing you to create Middle-earth themed characters. It supplies new rules for Journeys, so much at the heart of Middle-earth stories. We add a system for tracking Corruption in the face of The Shadow, and introduce The Fellowship Phase, which gives players a chance to proactively describe what their characters are doing between adventures and build their story. There are also rules for Audiences, facilitating encounters between the great and the good of Middle-earth and your characters.

What’s in the Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide?
• 11 Middle-earth specific playable Cultures
• 6 New and unique Classes
• 13 New Backgrounds custom-made for Middle-earth
• Middle-earth appropriate arms and armour
• Unique Journey rules
• New rules for Corruption
• New Audience rules
• The Fellowship Phase
• Middle-earth maps (as the end papers) for Players and Loremasters

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