5th Edition Spells – Druidcraft


Druid - Cantrip Level Spell

School: Transmutation
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 30 ft
Components: Verbal and Somatic
Duration: Instantaneous
Attack/Save: None

Whispering to the spirits of nature, you create one of the following effects within range:

    • You create a tiny, harmless sensory effect that predicts what the weather will be at your location for the next 24 hours. The effect might manifest as a golden orb for clear skies, a cloud to represent rain, falling snowflakes for snow, and so on. This effect persists for 1 round.
    • You instantly make a flower blossom, a seed pod open, or a leaf bud bloom.
    • You create an instantaneous, harmless sensory effect, such as falling leaves, a puff of wind, the sound of a small animal, or the faint odor of skunk. The effect must fit in a 5-foot cube.
    • You instantly light or snuff out a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.

My Comments: Prestidigitation for Druids! Hurray!

You know, real life, this would be awesome. Who wouldn’t want decent weather forecasting?
Alternatively, who doesn’t want to drop a skunk smell in a 5-foot cube at a party then leave? Actually, I’ve been at parties where I think this has happened. Or, maybe someone just had too much beer and 7-11 nachos. It’s one of those spell effects anyone can cast, I guess.

I think this spell was intended for flavor primarily. Imagine the druid passing through the forest causing the plants around them to flourish in the wake, arriving at a pre-arranged campsite and starting the fire with a wave of their hand and, just for effect, causing a slight breeze to make their hair ripple whenever their name is mentioned.

But this cantrip also has real use. Having torches suddenly light is handy when fighting trolls and throwing a room lit only by natural fire into darkness also would have its use.

Mostly though, I see invoking the ‘Rule of Cool’  and letting players have random cool effects going on.

Dave Goff

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