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Where do you think your character is keeping all that stuff?

Can Necromancers be good?

In Soviet Russia, rainbow taste you.

Comrade Tiamat: In Soviet Russia, rainbow taste you.

Grey Man, from Irish Myth, related to Green Hags, for D&D 5E

Gray Man, Inspired by Myth, for D&D 5E


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Roll20 All Over the Mediasphere, Have You Used It?

D&D Time versus Game Time versus Real Time…

Middle Earth Players Guide

Middle Earth Adventures in D&D: Players Guide

Monster Maker Output

Resources for DMs and Homebrew 5th Edition D&D

GHost Herder, Very Evil Brother to Night Hags

Ghost Herder: Possibly the Most Evil Creature I’ve Created

Play the dinosaur game! Space or up-arrow to start and to jump, down arrow to crouch. Have fun!