Review: 5e Creatures – Small and Dangerous

These are three monsters missing from the 5E Monster Manual that Josiah Psciotta helpfully updated.

The following is from the DMsGuild product page:


Chokers are strange evil creatures with a bony body and long tentacle-like limbs, with spiny pads for hands and feet. These spiny pads allow the choker to grip almost any surface and are also used for grabbing prey. The chokers bodies resemble a gaunt halfling with greyish mottled flesh. Its arms and legs are extremely long rubbery tentacles that end in spiny pads. Chokers spend most of their time hidden near their lairs waiting to ambush prey. Choker’s lairs are often hidden in small openings high in natural caverns or stone chambers.


Spriggans are evil fey creatures resembling dirty, ugly, unkept gnomes. They have dull yellow skin and greasy reddish­brown disheveled hair which is often grown to ridiculous proportions. Their filthy mustaches, sideburns and ponytails are almost as offensive as their odor, a nauseating smell of slightly rancid flesh.


Quicklings are evil brownie like fey creatures that were changed and twisted by dark magic. They are small, slender and extremely fast­moving which are hateful and cruel. Quicklings enjoy causing confusion and chaos among intelligent creatures often stealing or murdering them for pleasure. Quicklings dwell in dark woodlands and wild areas which are tainted with evil. They will occasionally work together with other evil creatures serving as scouts and thieves.

I recently was in a one-off with two of the three and they were a great addition to the campaign and suited the story really well.

The Monsters are balanced and well-written, and the images are pulled from the old Monster Manuals, so they look great.

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