Paladin Variant: The Oath of the Lawwarden

You know what’s strange? I never liked paladins before, and yet I’ve made a lot of paladin material for 5E. When I first played D&D, way back when we had to chisel our character stats onto stone tablets, paladins were required to be Lawful Good. Yeah, I thought of myself as a solid Chaotic Good and my gameplay actually leaned more toward Chaotic Neutral at best, because, let’s face it, teenage boys totally play murder hobos in D&D.

That left me with a bad impression of paladins and I couldn’t really shake it. Not too long ago I decided it was time to finally play a paladin, so I rolled up a dwarven paladin following an Oath of Vengence and I found out paladins are actually pretty interesting. I really like the role-playing opportunities of the Oaths.

Also, I am no longer a teenage boy.

This paladin variant isn’t just a paladin, but basically a peace-keeper, as in a cop. At least, until they get into higher levels and become a High Adjudicator. Neat stuff there.

My vision of the Lawwarden as presented in the story that comes with the title is a bit different. She’s a free-wheeling, fun-loving halfling, more detective than fighter, but can certainly hold her own in a battle.

The story starts with this title, linked below, and finishes with the Alternative Steeds Volume 2 title.

I actually finished the story, but I haven’t published it anywhere.D&D 5E Paladin Variant - Lawwarden

As always, you can click on the picture to find the title on DMsGuild, or you can email me for a review copy.

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