Ghost Herder: Possibly the Most Evil Creature I’ve Created

GHost Herder, Very Evil Brother to Night Hags Imagine the players come into a town where a mysterious plague has taken a number of the children. The children get sick and within a few days they become spiteful and mean, and then finally they just die. Fortunately, a kindly herbalist was in town and has been helping as many of the children as he can. The players seek out the healer and he seems quite normal and kind, though not a cleric, just an herbalist who is doing as much as he can for the distraught village. He might even show some of the herbs he holds in his many pouches… wait… is that the moaning of a small child?

It is indeed, for the Ghost Herder isn’t actually healing anybody, he is the one selectively and strategically spreading disease and then collecting the souls of children as they die.

Why would anybody do such a thing?

Because. The Ghost Herder can use those souls as weapons, or to cast spells, or… simply because he is twisted and evil. This is no herbalist though, this is a fiend from the abyssal realms, related to the Night Hag, except whereas the Hags transport the souls of those they have corrupted to the Abyss, Ghost Herders collect and use them, delighting in the suffering they cause.

Once revealed, the creature is hideous in appearance with dry, broken skin stretched over a skeletal face and long dirty teeth. Of course, if revealed, it will begin using the souls to freeze an opponent, push threats away or simply consume one to make an exit to the ethereal plane.

Once you’ve seen its face though, it will have to visit with you again, perhaps while you sleep…

Find this evil fiend in Creey, Crawly & Crazy along with other interesting creatures.

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