Creepy, Crawly & Crazy – 6 Homebrew Monsters

Creepy, Crawly, Crazy Homebrew Monsters for D&D 5EDiscover 6 Creepy, Crawly & Crazy creatures to add some real flavor to your 5E campaign.

Meet the Ghost Herder who steals the souls of children and uses them as weapons. A brother to Night Hags and just as evil.

Perhaps you might do better to start off with the Boneless Man, a fey prankster who might cause some annoyance, but also might leave a little gift.

But as that bit of merriment fades, the hideous laughter of the Mahaha might waft through snowy storms… right before it tears at you with its claws and poisons you with ice!

Far better to stick to warmer climates, perhaps a coastal town would be nice. Have you lost your way? Here’s a nice old man to give you directions. Ahhh, but his directions may not be trustworthy and that sudden fog can’t natural. The Grey Man has led you astray, I’m afraid.

Finally out of the fog and away from that fiend, you find yourself in a field of bones. Perhaps you remember that an entire village starved to death here during one of the last great wars. Ponder them as you walk, but… what is that sound? Is it the Cacklers, a huge mound of starving bones? Don’t let them engulf you, or you might add to the collection.

Luckily, none of that happened and you were just listening to tall tales at the pub with a friendly Halfling. He nudges you and says you should go outside where he can tell you the real story. Once outside under the new moon, you turn to ask him about his story, when he shoves his fist in your mouth, filling it with worms! His face! It’s all worms!

Ahhh, well. I’m sure you’ll get away. But Wormy Dan is nothing, if not persistent. And, of course, hungry.

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