Cacklers – Dry Bone Mound, or Scary Pile of Bones!

Scary pile of skeleton bones 5eCACKLERS!

I really enjoyed making this creature for Creepy, Crawly & Crazy.

I would say it falls under the “creepy” category, though it does crawl in a way. Imagine a group of people, and possibly animals or other creatures, who starve to death and the area they died in becomes possessed by a sheer Hunger.

The bones of the poor creatures who starved sense living flesh coming into their area and slowly draw together into a huge semi-sentient skeletal horror. The only goal of this creature is to consume, so when living flesh enters its territory it will seek to engulf it and tear at it with the various pieces of bones and assorted bits until the victim is dead and the corpse joins the mound.

I didn’t have Curse of Strahd in mind when I wrote this, but it seems like a great fit.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about the Cacklers or any of the other Creepy, Crawly, Crazy creatures!

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