Alternate Steeds for Paladins, Volume 1

Alternate Steeds for Paladins, Volume 1

This was my first attempt at creating a title for DMsGuild and looking at it now, I think it's a bit rough, but it was great fun to create! There were four new steed options with the idea that they would be roughly equivalent to a standard warhorse.

We have the trusty Steadfast Mule, The Battle Boar, The Battle Goat and the Celestial Camel.

There is a short story about the Steadfast Mule included, and it continues in another of my titles, Paladin Variant: The Oath of the Steadfast Defender.

Click on the picture for the listing on DMsGuild, or send me an email for a review copy.

Alternative Steeds for Paladins Volume_1_(5E).cover

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