Roll20 All Over the Mediasphere, Have You Used It?

Whoever is doing marketing for Roll20 scored big with their recent press releases. I saw articles on this all over my social feed and even on the front page of Yahoo.

Good job! It's always nice to see RPG-related stories in the mainstream.

So what was the big news? Dungeons and Dragons players can now purchase official modules directly from the Roll20 marketplace, further simplifying the process of assembling the necessary materials and party members for a campaign.

Leave a comment if you've tried it. I'd love to hear some feedback on what people think!

2 thoughts on “Roll20 All Over the Mediasphere, Have You Used It?

  1. I’m trying it now. It looks cool for pre-loaded stuff. I haven’t tried it with players over the internet yet. I think having everybody in the room will always be better.

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