Paladin Variant: Oath of Immaculate Nobility

Paladin Variant: Oath of Immaculate Nobility

OK, so I was looking for public domain images for something else and I found this guy and I just started laughing. Imagining him as a paladin was just hilarious. That look on his face screams “I’m a pretentious twit, and I certainly won’t be going on any dirty adventures.”

So, at about 3am I decided to write it up and see what it looked like. It amused me, so I decided to publish it. One person gave me a negative review because they weren’t certain whether it was serious or not. Let me be very upfront, this is not meant to be serious. Though, he might make a good NPC… 🙂

It is available on as “pay what you want” and will always stay that price.

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