Complete Character List and Description

Oland Worsther

By now everyone has noticed that Oland is thoughtful and cautious. Often the first one to start making a plan but the last to take action. He is a bit reserved but friendly and easily excited when making complex plans or talking about more abstract things.

He is slightly above average sized for a Stout Halfling, standing just over 3′ tall. He has tan skin and wavy sandy brown hair to his shoulders. His large brown eyes give away his inquisitive nature.

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Oland’s Journal Page

STR  9 Skills/Knowledge Gained Items
DEX  10  Leather Working (STR+1, WIS+1, CHA+1)  Leather Armor
CON  10
INT  14
WIS  14
CHA  11


Ren Quinlar

Description: She is slender and pale with pointy ears and hair so dark it looks purple at times. She’s a bit of a tom boy in that she loves the outdoors and tinkering with things, but she’s fastidious in keeping her clothing and hair in tip top shape (at least as well as you can do in a desolate place). She likes jewelry and continues to wear the bracelets she had when she washed up on shore even though they are now pretty tight on her wrists because it’s her only connection to the past. She’s smart with an inquisitive nature that sometimes gets her into trouble. If someone tells her not to do something she’s more likely to do it.

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Ren’s Journal

STR  9 Skills/Knowledge Gained Items
DEX  12 Survival – Forest Spear
CON  12  Stealth  Sling
INT  16  Simple Ranged Wpns  boyari staff
WIS  11  Carpentry tools (+1 Str)
CHA  11



Description: she is 4’11”, with mild pointy ears and emerald green eyes; these show off her elf side, and her soft amber skin, full hips, and breasts would mark her as a human. Things that distinguishes her are ear and facial piercings, tattoos (if approved) they are of floral patterns that grow up from her wrists, although they are a flower that no one knows, and they will glow after being exposed to moonlight.

Jené is a bookworm; loves to get her hands on any parchment.

Her has been waiting to train with metal crafting. She may be weaker than most, but she likes to stay up late and design things.

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Jene’s Journal

STR  9 Skills/Knowledge Gained Items
DEX  11 MetalSmithing (+2 STR) Silver Core Dagger
CON 10  Simple ranged weapons  Spear
INT   14  Stealth (+1Dex)  Sling
WIS  7
CHA  12



Description: My name is Leragon. I’m a bit tall to be an elf, but I think I may be a bit elvish on…my…mothers side? I can’t remember but seems like a phrase people say. I’m easily distracted and tend to put my foot in my mouth.  I also have an unfortunate habit of wandering.

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Leragon’s Journal

STR  13 Skills/Knowledge Items
DEX  14 Survival – Forest Spear
CON  16  Stealth  Sling
INT  15  Simple Ranged Wpns
WIS  9  Thieves Tools Skill
CHA  8



Description: Tan skin, long unkempt dark hair (surprisingly clean looking), tall and lean build.

He spends most days on the ground looking at dirt, plants, and insects and as a result has developed horrible posture which hides his true height.  As everyone knows (you know), he collects insects and keeps them as pets in small boxes with a cloth mesh to keep the bugs from escaping.  People (maybe you), used to call him “bug”.  It was unoriginal, but it bothered him.  No one calls him that any more.

Since he’s on the ground so much, he also collects plants… because they’re on the ground.

Not the most social person, but likable and friendly.

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Proto’s Journal

STR  12 Skills/Knowledge Items
DEX  13 Vehicle – Water (+1 Str) Marlin knife
CON  11  Hand & Flag Language  Club
INT  11  Simple blade Wpns (Short swords) & Nets
WIS  15  Advanced Perception
CHA  10  Vehicle – Water



Description: Tallish and a bit lanky, like he’s got more growing to do or something. brown eyes, brownish hair pulled back in a short ponytail. somewhat pointy-ish, kind of big ears poke out from his hair, and stubbly faint facial hair reflects his human side.

quiet and comes off as a bit brooding at times, but is rather reserved and a bit shy, and rarely uses more words than necessary when speaking. he cares deeply for his friends and those who gain his trust.

As far as apprenticing, he will be thatching it up with ol’ Harmin up on the roof over there.

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N’Intir’s Journal

STR 9 Skills/Knowledge Items
DEX  12 Carpentry (+1 Str, +1Wis) Hammer
CON  15  Religion
INT  10
WIS  13
CHA  11